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Becoming a Member

Membership with the HBPABC changes annually as new licensees are approved and licences expire without renewal. Members are those Trainers and Owners who are currently licensed with the Gaming Policy Enforcement Branch (GPEB). Under the Act, the Board may accept an individual who is not in either of the categories noted on an exception basis.

There are no fees to join.  Membership is automatic when licensed by GPEB.

To confirm your membership contact details, please contact


While membership in the HBPABC is automatic when licensed, no contact details are provided to the HBPABC. As a result, we require members to register their membership with us by completing the form below.  You will receive confirmation from the HBPABC when your information is updated.

This is an important step for the HBPABC as this is the only means of contact for election and other important announcements.

Please complete and submit your information if you have not done it in this format previously.  In the future, you will be contacted for undated information when your license is expiring.

Registered Members

The following is a list of current members by name only.  If you require official confirmation of this, please provide your request via email with a full explanation of your planned use of the requested information to the HBPA Secretary Treasurer.  Requests will be reviewed to ensure compliance with Provincial Information Protection laws.

Zach Berryman